Choosing The Right TV

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Choosing The Right TV

Over the years, TV’s have gotten bigger and thinner. With streaming services, we are spending more hours watching TV than ever before. Creating an immersive cinema-like experience in your own home is no longer only something rich people do. By choosing the right TV for your space, you completely change your viewing experience.

Understanding Screen Size

While we live in a world where the metric system is the most common way of measuring. When it comes to TVs they are still measured by imperial inches. 

When you see a TV size of, for example, 50”, you would be forgiven for thinking that is width of the TV. In fact, TV sizes are measured diagonally from the top corner to the opposite bottom corner. So a 50’ TV is actually 43.5”(110.7cm) in width.

The below table is a great indication of size differences. The measurements of the TVs show you their exact width, height, and the area they will take up.

Understanding In-Built Features

When shopping for a TV, it can be really confusing trying to figure out what all the technical jargon is. We get asked a lot what the difference between HD and Ultra HD is. What are the benefits of having a smart TV and many more. 

A TV is an investment and will last you for many years, so understanding the features is important.

HD, 4K, and Ultra HD, What Is The Difference?

The display on your TV is made up of tiny dots called pixels. These dots connect together to create the image you see. The more pixels in the image, the clearer the image will be. 

HD or 1080p: HD (High Definition) is also known as 1080p. HD has a resolution display of 1920×1080 pixels. This is ideal for smaller screens under 40” and is the budget level when it comes to image quality.

4k Ultra HD TV: 4k and Ultra HD are the same thing and have a resolution display of 3840×2160 pixels. As you can see this is a substantial difference from HD. With double the amount of pixels. This provides a clear and crisp image and perfect for larger TVs. Or when you have a smaller space and need to sit closer to the TV.

What are the benefits of a Smart TV and is it different from an Android TV?

A smart TV is a TV that allows you to access different apps from the internet. Essentially all Android TVs are Smart TVs, but not all Smart TVs are Android TVs.

Android TV is an OS (Operating System), the same as your phone or computer. There are a few operating systems built into different TV including Tizen OS, WebOS, and tvOS.

Android TV is fast becoming the most popular operating systems. It has some really cool features such as Google Assistant and a large range of Apps available. You will gain more longevity out of your TV technology with an Android TV OS. As it is being developed at a much faster rate than other operating systems. It is also being adopted by more and more brands.

Making a Decision

When deciding to rent to buy a TV. It’s important to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How big is the wall for the TV?
  • How close will you be sitting to the TV?
  • What will you most likely watch on the TV?
  • How big is the wall for the TV?
  • How close will you be sitting to the TV?
  • What will you most likely watch on the TV?

Measure your wall

Measure your wall and calculate how much space you want to take up with a TV. You can also use removable painter’s tape to create a mockup of your TV size to see if that works in your space.

Where will you be viewing from?

While you may want the largest TV you can find. If you have a smaller living area and need to sit closer to the TV, you may be creating an uncomfortable viewing experience. Sitting too close to a big TV is like sitting in the front row of the cinema. Your eyes cannot take the entire image at once. You will find yourself moving your head from side to side to see everything. This means you could miss important parts of the movie or show.

What are you watching?

If you mostly watch free to air and Netflix. Then a regular smart TV with any operating system is more than enough. However, if you have a few streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Paramount+ and Disney+. You are probably best to choose an Android TV. This will ensure you have a full range of Apps available to you. Regular updates are required to keep your TV running perfectly.

No matter what you are watching, our team at RentBuy Appliances can help you rent to buy a TV, that is perfect for your needs. Give us a call today on (02)9822-4900

*Agreements with RentBuy Appliances are consumer leases and not a sale of goods by installments, periodic payments, or layby. The weekly payments advertised on each individual product are for the rental/lease of the goods over the agreed term. 60 days before the end of the agreement, our team will contact you to arrange the completion of your agreement. The law enables the negotiation for the transfer of ownership of rented/leased goods and we will work with you if you wish to retain the goods. In most cases, we will offer you the purchase/transfer of your leased goods at the end of your agreement for as little as $1.

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